Wheeler del Torro is an organizer, author, and cultural strategist with over a decade of experience working in racial justice, LGBTQ, and economic liberation movements.  He is the Founder & CEO of IDylls Consulting, where he and his staff work with organizations as they adapt to shifting cultural norms. Wheeler is the originator of the DEI RECIPE, which was created after meeting American culture pioneers such as David Mancuso. Through their encouragement, Wheeler created and refined a method for social gatherings and businesses interested in creating diverse and inclusive environments regardless of race, income, and sexual orientation. He has been working at the intersection of culture and community organizing ever since.

Today, Wheeler works with event organizers, large and small businesses, non-profits, and city governments to implement bespoke approaches to complex challenges that arise from existing in a multicultural marketplace by building a strong foundation of cultural competency and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). He is the author of “Creating a Culture of Achievement through Business: A Start-Up Guide for People with Disabilities” and the forthcoming “The IDylls Effect: Diagnose Your Tech Company’s Culture to Jumpstart Creativity”.

At IDyllis Consulting, Wheeler works with clients on a variety of issues including:

  • Nonprofit management
  • Diversity, equity, & inclusion strategies
  • Affinity group development & management
  • Participatory research
  • Leadership development
  • DEI education programs

Wheeler is available for public speaking engagements, workshops, and to facilitate meetings on unconscious bias, structural racism, racial justice, LGBTQ, economic justice, and other social justice topics.